Former BYU student claims he was unfairly dismissed

Former BYU student claims he was unfairly dismissed

PROVO Utah (ABC 4 News) - An honor code violation got Myles Glover booted from BYU. But he says it was hearsay evidence.
PROVO Utah (ABC 4 News) - A former BYU student claims the school kicked him out on hearsay evidence.

Myles Glover is now looking on the outside as students file into their classes at BYU.

“I think I’m putting myself in a lot of risk, my social standing and my community by doing this,” Glover says.

Last year Glover was on his way towards a BYU diploma.

Not anymore.

His college days at BYU came to an end when he received this letter.

Glover was being dismissed for violating the school’s honor code.

“They can do whatever they want and because of that they think no one is going to do anything about it,” he tells ABC 4 News.

His BYU honor code violation? He claims the school was told he was having sex with two young women a Provo Motel.

“It’s absolutely false, it did not happen,” he says. “The story says I met two girls and their story matched. But I’m sorry. Any two girls could get together and put details in three minutes.”

He claims the hearing officer at the school gave him a copy of his file. But names were crossed out. So he has no idea who made the allegations or how to defend himself.

“If you’re going to kick me out I have to jump through legal hopes just to see why.” Glover says.

But students attending BYU say the honor code rule is fair and students know what’s expected of them.

“The honor code is actually reasonable and flexible and they will work with you,” says law student Bret Tingey. “They don’t kick you out on first offense.

Another student says the school isn’t arbitrary. He cites Brandon Davies a former basketball player was allowed to play following an investigation about sexual improprieties. But Harvey Unga, a football player was dismissed for a similar offense.

“Obviously what this man did he either is lying or shading the truth,” says Dan Benzoin, another student. “(The school) wouldn’t go that far unless it was a serious infraction.”

But for Glover it still leaves a bitter taste in his mouth. He says a simple accusation by an unknown person cost him his place at BYU

“They did not ruin my life,” he says. “I’m young and I will move on. And I’ll be successful whatever I do.”

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