Family remembers victim of Midvale triple murder

Family remembers victim of Midvale triple murder

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) -- Family member remembers victim in Midvale triple murder.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) -- Unified Police Investigators say David Fresques was the trigger man in a triple murder in Midvale.

The families of the murder victims may breathe a sigh of relief but they say there is as yet no closure.

For one thing, there can be no funerals until the bodies of their loved ones are released by the state medical examiner.

Beyond that, there's the much larger question of how to carry on.

“I think of her as a great and wonderful person,” says Matthew Montoya.

Montoya is the brother-in-law of Danielle Lucero. Lucero was just 26-years-old.

Montoya knows that Lucero had been, as he described it, a bad place. that she struggled with drugs but before she was murdered she had been moving in the right direction.

“She truly was trying to get better and do better and be better," says Montoya.

Lucero leaves behind three young children, including six-year-old Eva, who Montoya says always included her mother in her prayers.

“I lay me down to sleep. If I don't wake, My Lord my soul to take. And she would always include her mom in that. And I think that's the innocence of a child,” says Montoya. 

A child who now must face life without a mother.

The other two murder victims are Omar Jarman, he was 35-years-old and 34-year-old Shontay Young.

A third woman was seriously wounded, she remains hospitalized. Her name has not been released.
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