Family of murder victims return to death house

Family of murder victims return to death house

MIDVALE Utah (ABC 4 News) - They are looking for closure and it brought them to the place where their sister and two others were killed.
MIDVALE Utah (ABC 4 News) – A family gets a shocking look inside the home where three people were killed.

The house is where their sister was allegedly murdered by David Fresques who is now in jail.

Andy Lucero showed up at the home Friday afternoon and was allowed inside the home by someone inside. They were able to see the bedroom where his sister Danielle Lucero was killed.

“We need closure, we really do and this is where it's going now,” says Andy Lucero. “We don't have it yet.”

Danielle Lucero along with Omar Jarman and Shontay Young were gunned down inside the Midvale home Tuesday morning.
Three other adults scattered when the shots rang out and survived.
25-year old David Fresques was arrested Thursday morning in South Salt Lake but an accomplice remains on the run.

Lucero’s brother was able to see the bedroom where his sister Danielle Lucero was killed.

“It's eerie, scary,” says Lucero. “My heart was racing. I don't know.”

A friend of one of those who survived says no one’s sure why this happened.

“Everyone's confused on what happened (and) as to why it happened,” says Angela who didn’t want her last name revealed. “Even those in here don't know why it happened.”

She says those inside the home knew of Fresques but not the second suspect who remains on the run. She says most of the survivors weren’t even in the room when shots rang out.

“There was an argument before,” says Angela. “He is just as confused and lost as anybody else.”

As for Danielle’s brother he says the family wants to honor her death publicly. They’re planning on a Sunday night vigil in front of the Midvale home.

“It’s to keep my sister alive,” he says. “She had a lot of good friends. I am overwhelmed by all the love she's getting and how much she's missed.”
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