Extortion suspect jailed

Extortion suspect jailed

CLEARFIELD, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A pawn shop owner had no intention to pay $150,000 per a customer.
CLEARFIELD Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A man is jailed for attempting to extort money from a pawn shop owner.

Jeremy Stone was charged with extortion for allegedly demanding $150,000 from the owner of the Star Pawn in Clearfield.

"He told me that he had one of our CD cases and that there was a pirated CD in it," says Jack Arcia, owner of Star Pawn.

Arcia claimed that Stone accused him of pirating the DVD in his hand and was asking money or he'd go to police.

"(He told me) the fine for that was $250,000 but if I gave him $150,000 he'd keep his mouth shut about it," recalls Arcia.

The owner claims Stone wanted to be paid in gold if he didn't have the money.

"I thought he was joking at first and I asked him if he was joking but this guy was very very serious," says Arcia.

But Arcia looked at the so-called pirated DVD and knew it wasn't his.

"We don't sell movies for fifty cents," he says. "All ours sell for $2.49 and besides I wouldn't jeopardize my business by selling a pirated DVD for fifty cents."

Arcia says that was the price tag on the CD case that Stone was holding. An employee claimed he spotted Stone near the DVD's prior to meeting with the owner.

"He was just switching them out on the shelf, switching out different CD cases and I thought that's weird," says Devin Stanton.

But when Stone made the alleged demand, the owner told him to leave the pawnshop. Stone called police.

"And once police got here he told police he was trying to get me to pay him $150,000 because I was pirating movies and that I wouldn't pay him," says Arcia.

After interviewing both Arcia and Stone, police handcuffed Stone and took him to jail.

"What we determined was that he brought his own CD in and took our CD out so that he could try to extort us," says
Arcia. "He's crazy, telling police you're trying to extort a business owner. it's not very smart."

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