Ex-UHP Trooper Steed sued

Ex-UHP Trooper Steed sued

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah ) - Former UHP Trooper Lisa Steed has once again been sued by someone she had arrested.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – The lawsuits continue to mount against former UHP Trooper Lisa Steed.
A man who is handicapped has filed a civil rights suit against Steed in federal court.
In 2010, Mike Tilt was stopped as he was riding his bicycle in South Salt Lake.
Trooper Steed made the stop and questioned him.

"For failing to give a hand signal," Tilt told ABC 4 last November.

And he claims Steed also stopped him because he was riding on the wrong side of the sidewalk.

“I go what?” says Tilt.

Tilt suffers from epilepsy and cerebral palsy. He says his medication can make him woozy.
And when he walks one leg is shorter causing him to stumble.
He says that’s what caused him to fail a field test. Tilt says Steed kept using her flashlight on him.

"She kept turning it, flipping it like this,” he says. “I guess to make your eyes dilate even more."

Tilt was taken to jail and was booked for DUI. But those charges were later dropped.
And since then the former rising star within the Utah Highway Patrol has been fired.
Steed was accused of making false arrests.
Now, it's Tilt's turn as he's filed a civil suit in federal court against Steed.

In the lawsuit, his attorney claims “during the encounter with and arrest of Mr. Tilt, Defendant Steed selectively muted and activated the microphone issued to her in order to create a skewed record of the events.”

After he was taken to jail pills for his seizure were confiscated by Steed according to the lawsuit.

“Mr. Tilt explained that he needed to take those pills to prevent a seizure,” the complaint states. Tilt’s oldest daughter came to the jail and called her father’s physician to help explain the situation.

“Both (daughter) and the physician’s pleas and instructions were ignored by Defendant Steed,” the complaint states.
According to the lawsuit “shortly after Mr. Tilt’s arrest, Courtney Tilt (daughter) was contacted by a UHP employee. That employee asked to speak ‘off the record’ and explained that he felt that it was wrong what had happened to Mr. Tilt but that his supervisors prevented him from dropping the charges earlier. This individual told Courtney to please not contact an attorney and if she had already contacted an attorney to please keep their conversation ‘off the record.’”
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