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Elderly Sandy couple tells story of becoming home invasion victims

SANDY, Utah (ABC 4 News) – An elderly Sandy couple is recovering Thursday after three armed men stormed into their home, tied them up and robbed them.
SANDY, Utah (ABC 4 News) – An elderly Sandy couple is recovering Thursday after three armed men stormed into their home, tied them up and robbed them.

“We were both praying they weren’t going to kill us,” said Clayton Green, victim of a home invasion.

Thursday, Clayton and Sharon Green had the scare of their life.

“We’re going to be dead,” said Sharon Green, victim of a home invasion.

“We figured we may be dead,” said Clayton Green.

Around 10:00 o’clock Thursday morning the couple said a man came to their door at 220 E. Pioneer Ave in Sandy. They said he looked like a police detective; he told them he had some questions, so they let him in.

“He hadn’t much more than sit down when the buzzer or phone or whatever it was in his pocket went off, he pulled it out and said ‘10-4’ and within about 10 seconds after that another man came in with a bandanna on his face,” said Green.

The men pulled out guns, and began bossing the couple around.

“He walked over, held a pistol up to Sharon’s head and the pistol to my head and called us a few names and told us to get on the floor,” said Green.

The robbers tied them up, ransacked the house, and demanded the combination to their safe.

“I don’t know the combination. He said ‘I want the combination, if you don’t we’ll kill you.’ Then you’ll have to kill me because I don’t know it,” said Green.

After 10 minutes the robbers saw a police squad car outside and ran away, but not before they stole all the couple’s valuables including Sharon’s wedding rings.

“Anything of any value is gone. So if anybody is looking to rob our house again for value, there isn’t anything here,” Green said.

The couple is simply happy they still have each other.

“Feeling glad to be alive, they both could’ve shot us,” he said.

Sandy police are appalled at what happened, and as of Thursday evening are still looking for the robbers. They believe the men were driving a large white passenger van. There are four men total, one of them is black. All are believed to be of medium height and medium build. If anyone reading this story knows anything that might help police find the robbers, call the non-emergency dispatch line at 801-840-4000.

Also, police said people should know their rights. If someone who looks like a detective comes to your door, they said there's nothing wrong with asking them to see their identification. If it's a real police officer, even then - police tell ABC 4 - you don't have to let them in.  

"Short of officers having a search warrant, you don't have to allow them in your house, that is your property," said Sgt. Jon Arnold, Sandy Police Dept.

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