EXCLUSIVE: Certified letter of termination sent to UHP Trooper Lisa Steed

EXCLUSIVE: Certified letter of termination sent to UHP Trooper Lisa Steed

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - But former Trooper of the Year expected to appeal termination notice.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – ABC 4 News has learned that embattled UHP Trooper Lisa Steed has been sent a letter officially terminating her from the Department of Public Safety.

This new information has now been confirmed by Steed’s own attorney.

ABC 4 News is being told that Lisa Steed was sent a certified letter of termination effective November 27th.

Steed has 20 days to file an appeal.

ABC 4 News has also confirmed with Steed's attorney that she does plan to appeal her termination.

ABC 4 broke the story a year ago that Steed was being investigated by the Salt Lake District Attorney.

This, we were told, was because of questions surrounding her conduct in the field.

And that’s when things started going south for Steed.

The state paid $40,000 dollars to settle a lawsuit, one filed by a man Steed tasered while sitting in his car.

Steed then had her own testimony questioned by several judges handling her DUI cases.

The Davis County Attorney also weighed in, saying he wasn't sure he could now prosecute her cases.

In Salt Lake County, some of Steed's DUI arrests were eventually dropped.

Eventually, Steed was taken off the streets by her own department and assigned to a desk job.

It’s a fall from grace from the UHP's 2007 Trooper of the Year, an officer recognized by the legislature and honored for raking up hundreds of DUI requests.

Now, because Steed's dismissal hasn't fully played itself out, her attorney could not go on camera to discuss this latest development.

However, an appeal of her termination could be filed before the end of the week.


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