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EXCLUSIVE: Mom angry after cops fail to cite driver who hit child

NORTH SALT LAKE , Utah (ABC 4 News) - A mom is upset with police officers following their decision to not give a citation to a man who hit her child with his truck.
NORTH SALT LAKE , Utah (ABC 4 News) - A mom is upset with police officers following their decision to not give a citation to a man who hit her child with his truck. 

Rebecca Jones says the accident happened last Friday in just a matter of seconds.  Her four year old son Isaac was looking at Halloween decorations on the street where they live at 150 North in North Salt Lake.   Then just a few minutes later, a truck came speeding down the street and hit Isaac.  "Everybody yelled for the man to slow down and I yelled for my son to stop, but the guy completely ignored everything.  He wasn't paying attention at all and he hit my son," said Rebecca Jones. 

Neighbors who witnessed the accident say they thought for sure that Isaac had been killed by the on-coming truck. "The truck hit him and he went flying and he looked like a rag doll.  He hit really hard," said neighbor Sherrie Jordan.

Issac suffered a concussion to the side of his face, and some cuts and brusies.  According to Jones, his doctors say he's lucky to be alive

Jones is upset that instead of blaming the driver, who apparently only lives three houses down, police seem to be placing blame on Jones and her son. "The cops basically said it was my son's fault because he was the one crossing the street.  He was wearing a bright green hat, you could see him from anywhere," said Jones.

The accident has hit a nerve with Jones and other parents along the street who say something needs to be done about getting drivers to slow down. "People are always speeding down this road, and with the construction that's going on, they all come through here," said neighbor Andrea Simpson.

Jones and other neighbors would like to see the city of North Salt Lake put in speed bumps along their road. Otherwise, they say there's nothing in place to prevent an accident like this from happening again.
"I want to see speed bumps on these roads.  The 25 MPH is fine, but we need speed bunmps and we need signs saying children at play," said Jones.
"What we need is speed bumps.  We need speed bumps because no mother should watch her six year old go flying and slam into the concrete," said Jordan.

When asked about the incident and why the driver wasn't cited, North Salt Lake Sgt. Mitch Gwilliam said there were no indicators that the driver was speeding or doing anything wrong.  Gwilliam says the four year old ran into the road and that it was simply an accident.

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