EXCLUSIVE: ABC 4 obtains Huntsman Girls video about Romney

EXCLUSIVE: ABC 4 obtains Huntsman Girls video about Romney

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Video was not made public during campaign.
Huntsman Girls (YouTube)
Huntsman Girls (YouTube)
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Even though Jon Huntsman's campaign is over, the national media is still singing the praises of his daughters.

The Jon 2012 Girls made a big splash with funny videos and national magazine profiles.

ABC 4 has now obtained one of their videos which the campaign apparently didn't want released.

The video stars the three oldest Huntsman daughters, who may or may not be wearing wigs.

It spoofs a national network news show not on ABC.

Most of the video is a fake interview between the Huntsman Girls and Mitt Romney (played by a bobblehead doll on Wall Street).

Romney is introduced in the video by the Girls who say, "Governor Mitt Romney has just won the Iowa Caucus with a mere 8 votes. I guess you can safely say now that Iowa does pick cornballs.”

The Jon 2012 Girls and their videos were a hit on the campaign trail, even earning some glossy photos in GQ magazine.

In another part of this new video, the Huntsman Girls say, "You've said before that your hunting experience is limited to small varmints. If you were attacked say by a honey badger, would you be able to defend yourself?"

The Romney bobblehead vigorously shakes its head no.

ABC 4 is being told this video was never shown because Huntsman's campaign had some concerns about it.

Specifically, that the Girls had too much fun at Mitt Romney's expense.

The video ends with the Huntsman daughters saying, "Governor, people have accused you of being stiff and, well, shall we say, unable to connect to the American voter. Do you agree?"

The Romney bobblehead does not move.


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