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Documentary on Social Media features Utah Organ Donor

HOLLADAY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - There's a new documentary in the works that explores this growing trend and it even features a Utah donor.
HOLLADAY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Social media does wonders when it comes to connecting people. That couldn't be truer for those looking for an organ donor. There's a new documentary in the works that explores this growing trend and it even features a Utah donor.

John Maw doesn't go a day without thinking about the gift his friend gave him that saved his life. “I think about it in everything I do every day,” he said. Tori Bergstrom said giving him one of her kidneys was a no brainer.

“My mom died from cancer when I was 16, she had a brain tumor and no one could do anything to help her,” she said.

Bergstrom and Maw's story is being featured in a documentary about organ donation and social media-- something that helped them raise $40,000 to cover the surgery.

“We started blogging through this Facebook group our experiences and we would have so many people come on there saying this impacted me hearing about your story,” said Bergstrom.

The two met the old fashion way. They're neighbors in Holladay. But more and more donors are being found through sites like Twitter.

“I saw the tweet and I said I’ll do it, I’ll donate my kidney, what do I have to do?” said Amy Donohue. Donohue, from Phoenix, is one of those selfless souls who saw a need and jumped at the chance to help after her friend tweeted about her sick mom needing transplant.

“The main reason I did it was my father had died at that time eight years ago of cancer, there was nothing we could do for him,” said Donohue. “It was a way of me helping my dad even though it wasn't direct.”

After donating, Donohue wanted to do more, so she came up with the documentary idea to raise awareness, calling it "Social Media Stole My Kidney”. Donohue, a comedian by trade, and her crewed packed up the car and are now on a cross-country mission to tell the stories of 14 other living donors.

You can find more information on the documentary, by clicking here.
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