Destroyed church will be rebuilt

Destroyed church will be rebuilt

CLEARFIELD Utah (ABC 4 News) - The Clearfield Community church will not disappear after a fire destroyed it Tuesday.
CLEARFIELD Utah (ABC 4 News) – The church pastor says they will rebuild their church that was destroyed by fire Tuesday.

The Clearfield Community Church suffered major damage and fire officials estimate the damage could reach up to a million dollars.

"It was very painful because there's been lots of hearts and hands that have gone to engage that building,” says Pastor John Parsley.

The Tuesday fire spread throughout the building making this area impossible to save.

“We're actually very fortunate that we didn't have any loss of life,” says North Davis Fire Chief Mark Becraft.

About a dozen people were inside the church but managed to get out.

But fire officials say the church's west side will have to be restored from the ground up.

“Early estimates are from $750,000 to a million dollars damage,” says Becraft.

That means members of Clearfield's Community Church will be scrambling to figure out a worship place.

“We had our moments for sadness and tears but then we had to turn our heads and hearts and say now we have to rebuild,” says the pastor. “And we do plan to do that."

Inside the church fire investigators were able to track down the cause of the fire.

"It was the (computer) monitor that appeared to be the source of the fire,” says Becraft.

The fire chief says there were no sprinklers inside the church. He says those sprinklers could have stopped the fire in its tracks.

“But the church building was exempt from having to have sprinklers,” he says. “The date of the building the fire codes didn't require it at the time.”

Despite the tragedy, church's pastor found a silver lining in all this.

“Across the community and around the region they've said let us help you, let us assist you,” Pastor Parsley says. “We're praying for you.”

And a local school has opened its doors for church members to worship.

On Palm Sunday services will be held at the Wasatch Elementary school in Clearfield.
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