Dangers of green waste sites

Dangers of green waste sites

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) More smoke and flames shot into the air near Indiana Avenue Tuesday night.
SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - More smoke and flames shot into the air near Indiana Avenue Tuesday night.

Jasen Asay with Salt Lake City Fire Department says “Sites like this are always a concern because that is a lot of fuel sitting there. The pile is huge and if it does set on fire it takes a lot of resources to extinguish the fire."

Asay says fires like the green waste site fire can be tricky because firefighters are not only fighting visible flames but also fire packed deep down in the pile of green waste. He says “After a long hot day on Tuesday the heat kind of built up and the fire kind of revived.”

Asay tells ABC 4 Utah the rekindle of fire is common, but nonetheless it is unfortunate it fired up again. He says some of their concerns have to do with how close the area is to nearby businesses, and the 2-15. “If the fire does get to big there are times we have to close down highways for a little while and that is just something that comes with the territory we have to deal with when it happens, “ says Asay.

Asay goes on to say even with the rain the state has experienced lately Tuesday's fire goes to show just how dry our summer conditions are. "if you have a lot of property with a lot of weeds or grass it's going be dry so be careful with what you do. And if there is any kind of small incident it could turn big very quickly,” says Asay.

Salt Lake City Fire Investigators say they have yet to determine the Initial cause of the fire from Monday but believe it was caused by either lightening or spontaneous combustion.


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