Dad pleads guilty to killing his son

Dad pleads guilty to killing his son

PROVO Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Joshua Peterson wanted to end his life and wanted to take his young son with him. That's what his attorney is the motive behind an April shooting.
PROVO Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A 21-year old father admitted to shooting and killing his son.
And now Joshua Peterson could be staring at life sentence with no chance of parole when he's sentenced next month.

Last April, Peterson shot his five month old son Ryker at their American Fork home.

"He was tired of this life," says his attorney Dusty Kawai. "He was tired of the pains that come with every day living."

Kawai says killing Ryker was part of the plan to end all of that pain and suffering.

"He wanted to end this life and he wanted to end the life to take his son with him," says Kawai.

Peterson shot his son inside their American Fork home. But instead of killing himself, Peterson made a call.

"He called his grandmother and his grandmother came home and intervened,"

Monday, Peterson was found competent to stand trial on aggravated first degree murder charges. The charge carries a death penalty with it. Tuesday afternoon, Peterson pleaded guilty to aggravated murder. But both sides agreed to life in prison with no chance of parole. Peterson's life was spared.

"It's given great satisfaction to Ryker's family and they're appreciative of process today," says Craig Johnson with the Utah County attorney's office.

Kawai says Peterson didn't want both families to re-live the crime in a courtroom and never have to attend parole hearings in the future.

"He's devastated," says Kawai. "He regrets his action, he regrets pulling the trigger."
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