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Cougar thought to be spotted in Sandy neighborhood

SANDY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A scary sight for one man in Sandy when he spotted what he thought was a mountain lion.
SANDY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - A scary sight for one man in Sandy when he spotted what he thought was a mountain lion.

Neighbors couldn't believe it when they heard.

Jill Walton told ABC 4 Utah, "Kind of shocked. I've never seen anything like that here."

Neighbor Maria Bailey said, "We were all very speechless because we thought we lived far enough away from the canyons."

Around 2:30 Sunday afternoon a man visiting his in-laws called police after he saw what he believed to be a mountain lion in a backyard on Nichole drive. When the Division of Wildlife Resources got word they sent an officer to check it out.

DWR Officer Mike Roach told ABC 4 Utah, "Cougars have a tendency to follow deer, that's where we run into problems as the deer start to come down in the fall sometimes the cougars follow."

Officer Roach scoured the area for tracks but couldn't find anything.

"We did find some dog tracks and domestic cat tracks and it's sandy soil and so most of the animals that walk across it leave a pretty good track,” said Roach.

Mountain lion tracks would be hard to miss.

"Most cougar paws are about the size of a human hand just a little bit larger than mine,” said Roach.

Even if Officer Roach missed the cougar tracks it's unlikely that if there were a big cat in such a populated area that someone else wouldn't have seen it, but after knocking on several doors there were no witnesses.

Roach said, "It's a fairly large animal and during the day in the afternoon more than likely someone else would also see the animal."

So for now it doesn't appear there's a cougar on the loose, but neighbors are going to be watching more closely what walks in their backyards.

Walton said, "Our kids are out playing and there are people that have pets and animals in their backyards."

"We will definitely be on the lookout,” said Bailey.
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