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Comparing Utah's GOP & Democratic Convention delegations

Charlotte (ABC 4 News) - Ice cream social vs. root beer floats without the root or the floats.
CHARLOTTE (ABC 4 News) - With Monday being a holiday, the Democratic National Convention won't start until Tuesday.

So, with a down day, I started thinking about the ten national political conventions I have covered.

5 for the Republicans and five for the Democrats.

Politics aside, when it comes to Utah's convention delegations, I've noticed one interesting difference.

Sometimes, after the evening conventions sessions are over, Utah Republicans sometimes hold ice cream socials at the delegation's hotel.

In Tampa last week, there was cake, ice cream and sprinkles.

I also saw Senator Mike Lee and West Valley Mayor Mike Winder singing Billy Joel's "Piano Man."

But while Utah Republicans have ice cream after convention hours, Utah Democrats sometimes have been known to have root beer floats without the root or the floats.

But Utah Democratic Chairman Jim Dabakis told me the days of Democrats holding late night convention caucuses at hotel bars are over, "That may have been the old way, but I'm telling you with a contingent of almost 50% of our delegates as LDS Dems, we're not meeting in any bars afterwards."

In fact, covering Utah Democrats at several Charlotte Events, ABC 4 has yet to see any delegates having any Carolina moonshine.

So, we asked Dabakis if we might be seeing any Utah Democrats singing "Piano Man."

Here's what he jokingly told us, "Well, we don't like that song. We may be singing hymns."

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