Catholic students pray for their new pope

Catholic students pray for their new pope

OGDEN Utah (ABC 4 News) - There is sadness but great anticipation as students said farewell to Pope Benedict.
OGDEN Utah (ABC 4 News) - Catholic students are anxiously waiting for their new pope.

Wednesday, eight grade students at St. Joseph’s Catholic school began their theology class with a prayer for their new pope.

And they also offered kind thoughts to the only pope they’ve known.

“I’m disappointed because I really liked him,” says Monica Robbins. “But maybe he did it (resign) because he is doing it for the good of the Catholic Church.”

Pope Benedict XVI made his final appearance at the Vatican Wednesday and will officially resign Thursday. He has asked the Cardinals to remain in Rome to begin the conclave where they will gather secretly to elect a new pope.

This is a historical time in the Catholic Church. For the first time in nearly 600 years, a pope has resigned and a new pope will succeed a living pope.

“I feel lucky to see this,” says Greg Sweatland, a student at St. Josephs. “This hasn’t happened in 600 years and the fact that we are alive to see such a historical event is blessed and is something we should remember.”

The students didn’t hesitate to suggest who they would like to see as their new pope.

“I haven’t seen a young pope so that would be something I would like to see happen,” says Kathleen Toman, another student at St. Josephs. “It would be good to have a young pope because he can relate to us and we are losing a lot of the younger generation.”
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