Caretaker charged with abusing mentally disabled man

Caretaker charged with abusing mentally disabled man

DRAPER Utah (ABC 4 News) - A woman has been charged with physically abusing a mentally disabled man that she was in charge of.
DRAPER Utah (ABC4 News) - A caretaker has been charged with abusing a mentally disabled man.

And court records indicate this isn't the first time.

Friday, Teri Lynn Stoker was charged with abuse of a vulnerable adult, a third degree felony. Stoker is a caretaker and gets a monthly check from the state.

"He (victim) told me she got $3500 a month," says Charles Masters who lives next door.

According to court documents the victim was physically abused last September and police came to the home.

"He came over and he had several bite marks on him," recalls Masters. "She had bit him all over his clothes."

That was in September. Prosecutors have now charged Stoker with the abuse.
Stoker wasn't home when ABC 4 News knocked on the door. But her daughter was.

"Before the end of September was the last time she took care of him (victim)," says the daughter.

Court records reveled that Stoker had a plea and abeyance over a previous abuse case involving the victim.

In fact, she was granted probation in January.
Charles Masters says the victim is helpless.

"She would beat on him with whatever. He'd come over and cry and cry and cry," says Masters. "He's older but he's got the mentality of a 12 year old."

Last month Stoker was in court where she received probation for the first abuse case which happened in May.

A spokesperson for the Department of Children and Family Services say mentally disabled clients are allowed to make decisions if they have the mental capacity.

"If we have concerns for their safety and they want to stay we will still express our concerns and try to encourage them to be in a safe place," says Elizabeth Solis.

Solis says they are not allowed to reveal personal information about any of their clients.
But Masters says the victim left after September and may be in a group home. Meanwhile Sim Gill, the Salt Lake District Attorney says Stoker's probation may be revoked and the judge could make her carry out the original sentence for the crime.

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