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Busy weekend for Unified search and rescue crews

WASATCH FRONT – (ABC 4 Utah) – Unified rescue crews responded to several missing and injured hikers this weekend.
WASATCH FRONT – (ABC 4 Utah) – Unified rescue crews responded to several missing and injured hikers this weekend.

Saturday around 5:30 p.m. two 24-year-old men were hiking Mt. Olympus. They went off the trail and they got lost. Less than 10 minutes later a 37-year-old woman, hiking the same trail did the same thing - took an unmarked route and got lost. Unified rescue teams were able to locate both parties and bring them down safely.

Fast forward to Sunday where Unified rescue crews were called out to Bell Canyon when a 50-year-old man hiking near the waterfall, slipped and fell and broke his leg. A helicopter had to be brought in to fly him out.

Then around 6 o'clock Sunday evening near Solitude resort a man hiking with his girlfriend also slipped and fell and dislocated his shoulder. He was too injured to walk out on his own, so fire went up the mountain to splint his arm and get him out. That man ended up driving himself to the hospital.

Unified Police Spokesperson Sgt. Justin Hoyal says while today's incidents are accidents, yesterday's search and rescue efforts could have been avoided.

“I think it's important for people to remember when they come up hiking, do their homework before they come up; research trails you're going to hike on and let people know where you're going,” said Sgt. Hoyal. “Come up with adequate supplies for the weather and not only that one of the most important things you can do is come up with a fully charged cell phone so if you get in trouble you can call for help."

There was one other search and rescue, this one in Provo Saturday. A 22-year-old woman slipped and fell when she was hiking Mount Timpanogos and hurt her knee. It was too late to bring in a helicopter so some volunteers actually stayed the night up on the mountain with her until the helicopter could be brought in Sunday morning to rescue her.

In all the incidents, the parties were found and safely brought down.
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