Burglars nab expensive cameras

Burglars nab expensive cameras

SOUTH SALT LAKE (ABC 4 News) - Expensive video cameras were taken by burglars and police need help to find the suspects
SOUTH SALT LAKE Utah (ABC 4 News) – A team of burglars made quick work at a local business and got away with more than $300,000 in stolen goods.

Police say the burglars broke into Ron Hill Imagery in March and appeared to know what they were looking for.

Surveillance video captured their arrival at the business.

"It's hard to distinguish the make and model of the van or even the license plate but we show the van pull up,” says Gary Keller of the South Salt Lake police department.

The suspects then knocked out the surveillance camera and broke into one of the doors of the production company.

Once inside, the two suspects appeared to target high end cameras used in their business.

“They knew what they were after because they went directly to where we had our equipment and started to unload our cabinets and put in most of our expensive equipment in there,” says Kiyono Streich who works for the company.

She says they took six cameras plus expensive equipment totaling $322,000.

“They knew we were here,” she says. “They knew what door to go into and they went right into the area in our office to find those cameras and take everything.”

The suspects were in and out. Police say the alarm went off but the suspects were gone six minutes after it sounded.

Police didn't get the call from the alarm company for another hour.

“There's so many nuisance alarms that we need to verify them,” Keller says. “In this case it was the real thing."

Keller says if anyone comes in contact with someone selling high end camera equipment for cheap, contact South Salt Lake police.
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