Brother saves sister from dog attack

Brother saves sister from dog attack

CLINTON, Utah (ABC 4 News ) - A Clinton girl is alive after her brother rescued her from a vicious dog attack.
CLINTON, Utah (ABC 4 News ) - A Clinton girl is alive after her brother rescued her from a vicious dog attack. 

Makayla Craig, 7, was playing with her two brothers Christopher and Chandler on their trampoline in their yard when Makayla's toy accidentally went over the fence and into the next door neighbor's yard.

When Makayla climbed over the fence to retrieve the toy, she came face to face with the neighbor's Alaskan Malamute named Aiko. According to Makayla's mother, Aiko is normally friendly with the children and plays with them through the fence between the yards. But for some reason, Aiko went on the attack, biting and mauling Makayla on her neck, head, face, and stomach. "I didn't feel him attack my face, but I did feel him attack my head," said Makayla Craig.

Hearing his sister scream for help, Chandler Craig, 12, jumped in action.  The teen quickly climbed over the fence and scared the dog away from Makayla.  "I'm bigger than the dog.  I wasn't scared of the dog. I was scared for my siser," said Chandler Craig.

Even though Chandler risked getting hurt, he says he didn't think twice about coming to his sister's rescue. " I would have given my life for her if I had to." 

Aiko has been put on a mandatory 10-day quarantine at his owner's home in Clinton.  Davis County Animal Control says that's standard procedure.

A plastic surgeon has helped repair Makayla's face and lip since the accident.  She says knowing her brother was there for her is helping her to heal. "I didn't even know he had the courage to do it," said Makayla Craig.

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