BYU student runs in solidarity with victims of Boston bombings

BYU student runs in solidarity with victims of Boston bombings

PROVO, Utah County (ABC 4 News) - Because of the bombing, thousands of runners didn't finish the Boston Marathon. Now a BYU student is running the miles they could not. It is a marathon task that she's taking on ... one mile at a time...
PROVO, Utah County (ABC 4 News) - In the shadow of "Y" Mountain, Jackie Saumweber and Matt LeBaron go for an evening run.

They're running with a purpose -- both are training for marathons -- and they're also running for those for those in Monday's Boston Marathon.

Jackie, who is a graduate student from Arkansas said, "Originally, we wanted to run a marathon for each person who didn't get to finish, but we underestimated the size of the Boston marathon!" About
8,000 people couldn't finish the marathon because of the bombings. By Jackie's calculations, that translates into 210,000 miles!

So Jackie asked for help. She created a facebook page that explain what she's doing and invites others to join in. "It's been less that 48 hours and we've had about 40 that have already logged 200 miles," Jackie said.

200 down, 210,000 miles to go.

Matt LeBaron, another BYU student, was among the first to sign up. "I think it's a great idea." Matt explained, "I really hope that the people in Boston get to see (what we're doing) ... It's cool to see people uniting and standing behind you."

Jackie feels the same. "We hope that they just know that people are thinking about them, thinking about them when we go run ... doing what they love."

They see their quest as vicariously competing a dream that was cut short by terrorists.

To join the "Run for Boston" on Facebook, click here.

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