Allgier wants to withdraw guilty plea

Allgier wants to withdraw guilty plea

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - After admitting guilt to killing a corrections officer Curtis Allgier wants to withdraw his plea.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Curtis Allgier is changing his mind.
He no longer wants to accept blame for murdering corrections officer Stephen Anderson
Two weeks ago, Allgier pleaded guilty to the crime.

But in a letter to closefriend Allgier is having second thoughts about his actions.

"In the letter he feels like he's been lied to, decieved," says Maxine McNeeley who shared the letter with ABC 4 News.

In his own words he's urging that someone help him.

"I need them to file my 'withdraw" of plea, and bar complaints, malicious prosecution," Allgier wrote in his letter.

In the letter Allgier complains that attorneys duped him into signing off on the plea.

"These punks all lied to me, went against their word, broke our agreements, ran their (expletive) mouth's and got me to tell lies over many issues," Allgier writes. "So no we'll bang it out and see how they like that."

He also mentions that when he accepted the plea he was fasting and taking medication and not thinking clearly.

"He wasn't himself," McNeeley says. "And that bothered me."

An assistant Salt Lake District Attorneys says they haven't seen any official notification.

"Until he formally files a motion we have no comment but he has every right to change his mind," says Paul Parker.1

Meanwhile McNeeley is worried Allgier won't be living long.

In his letter Allgier writes:"There are no ifs only whens. victory or Valhalla period."
McNeeley says Vallhala is Allgier's belief in paradise.

"He wouldn't committ suicide," she says. "He believes someone will kill him (in prison)."
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