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Abduction reports have parents in Tooele on alert

TOOELE (ABC 4 News) - Three abduction reports this month in Tooele has parents on high alert.
TOOELE (ABC 4 News) - Three abduction reports this month in Tooele has parents in the community on high alert.

"That is so scary and sad when it happens," said concerned parent Amber Smith.

One incident happened near East Elementary School, prompting the principal to send a letter home to parents.

"The instant something unusual is seen I think the police need to be notified and let them come in and work out the details," said Phillip DeAngello.

The daughter of Edith Bales tells ABC 4 News her friend was nearly abducted last week after school.

"He grabbed her hand and tried to make her get in the car and she slapped him and started screaming fire because my friend said it's a word for emergency," she said.

Two of the reports claim a man approached a child on the side of the road and demanded they get into his car.

"He had gotten out of his car and was walking up the road in his underwear," said Curtis Orton, whose daughter witnessed the incident.

Police do not believe the incidents are related.  However, they are warning residents to be careful and to make sure children know what to do if approached by a stranger.

"Make sure the kids aren't alone," said Orton.  "Make sure they're in groups and talk to them about stranger danger.  Identify safe houses the kids can get to if they need help."

If you have any information on these incidents in Tooele, you're asked to call Tooele police at 435-882-8900.
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