911 prank calls dog dispatch

911 prank calls dog dispatch

WEST JORDAN (ABC 4 News) - Police have targeted a teen-age boy for allegedly making "numerous" prank calls to 911.
WEST JORDAN Utah (ABC 4 News) - The mystery over 911 prank calls to dispatchers may finally be solved.

Police tracked down a high school student who made "numerous calls over several days" to 911.

"The calls were very lewd," says Sgt. Richard Bell of West Jordan police.

Bell says the teen was hard to find  because of the manner in which he was making calls.
He apparently was making calls "from a disconnected" cell phone according to Bell.
But an officer was able to make the connection to the teen.  Bell didn't have details on how that was possible.
He says the case is still under investigation and the teen has not been arrested.

"We need to make sure he was the one making the calls," says officer Craig Carroll of West Jordan police.

Carroll says a cellphone that has been disconnected still has the capability to call 911 in case of an emergency.
He did not know if the disconnected cellphone belonged to him or someone else.
If the teen is arrested, Bell says he could be facing 911 abuse and telephone harassment charges.

"These kinds of calls impact everybody," says Carroll. "The general public is put at risk because it takes time away from dispatchers who handle real emergency calls on a daily basis."

Police also says it takes time away from their department as well.  In West Jordan, two police officers are dispatched to any location whenever they receive a 911 call.
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