2012 presidential race: 6 days to go

2012 presidential race: 6 days to go

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - New polls show close races in several states.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - FLORIDA is, pardon the bad political pun,
one of the KEYS to a Mitt Romney victory.

If he doesn't win its 29 electoral votes, the other 49 states may not matter.

This may be why, Wednesday, Romney was back stumping in the Sunshine State.

A new CBS/NY Times poll now shows the president with a one point lead there.

But Romney told a crowd of supporters there,

"My view is pretty straightforward and that I believe this is a time for America to take a different course."

But the most memorable campaign image Wednesday may not have come from the campaign.

It showed a Democratic president sharing a moment with a Republican governor.

The same Governor, Chris Christie, who spent the day touring his submerged state.

Christie urged New Jersey residents,

"Please just stay safe and stay with your families now. That's the most important thing."

But for Mitt Romney, right now, the biggest problem may be this:
While voters are seeing him out campaigning, his presidential opponent is being seen, well, being presidential.

Wednesday, the president said this in New Jersey,

“We need to make sure that everybody who's lost a loved one needs to know that they're in our hearts and prayers. And I speak for the whole country.“

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