Trader Joe's Coming to Utah?

Trader Joe's Coming to Utah?

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The State of Utah is lobbying hard to get Trader Joe's here.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) - The State of Utah is doing everything it can to bring a Trader Joe's to Utah.

Utah's economic boss is making the popular grocery store a top priority and says he's optimistic about getting one.

Utah's Economic Development Executive Director, Jason Perry, is going to Las Vegas next week.

That's where the country's biggest retail convention is being held.

And Perry says the very first company he's going "shopping" for is Trader Joe's.

"If you want a Trader Joe's, you go to try and land a Trader Joe's."

Trader Joe’s is a wildly popular west coast grocery chain with, reportedly, more than 300 stores in 25 states.

Utah is not one of them.

Perry: "Anyone you talk to that has been to a Trader Joe's remembers it and wants to know when we're getting it."

Among those wanting to know (and wanting one in Utah) are the more than 1,600 Utah fans on Facebook.

They belong to the group - "Trader Joe's should go the distance - Salt Lake City."

Perry: "These are the kind of franchises that show your state has arrived."

That's why economic development director Perry is going to Las Vegas Monday, along with representatives from every city in Utah.

And with possible locations already picked out, he'll tell Trader Joe’s executives - this is the place.

Perry: "In most cases, like Ikea and In-N-Out, this is where you start signing deals.”

Now, a potential problem getting Trader Joe’s to Utah is alcohol.

The store likely won't be able to sell wine or hard liquor here.

However, a Trader Joe's spokesperson told ABC 4 the chain does have some dry stores where booze isn't sold.

Perry: "This is what happens with any great name brand. They get to be very selective about where they go."

Still, Perry remains confident that someday Trader Joe's will go the distance.

"I have no doubt that one of these days we're going to land Trader Joe's in Utah."

And while Trader Joe's tells ABC 4 that Utah isn't in their immediate plans, the state hopes that one will be here within 3 to 5 years.

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