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Larry H. Miller's family remembers a community giant

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Larry H. Miller's gathered on Friday to remember the man who made the world a little better.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Larry H. Miller was a native of Salt Lake City, and he worked tirelessly for the community and state that he loved. His family gathered to remember the man who built not only a business empire, a professional NBA team, an auto raceway, and numerous buildings, but who also was in the business of building people. His son Greg Miller says “He didn’t want his legacy to be in commercial ventures it was in the things that he did to make the world a little better.”

Miller died at the age of 64 from complications of diabetes. Greg said, “He died at home in his bed, in the city he loved, surrounded by the people that he loved.” His wife, Gail, said Larry’s love for the city, and state was personal. “He felt like the community was his to take care of, to do good for. He spent his life in making things better wherever he went.” Miller made life better for many people by providing jobs, (with more than 7,000 employees employed in his many business endeavors) and an education for hundreds of students who receive scholarships every year. He created Larry H. Miller Charities, and was known as a humanitarian. Gail says,” One of my favorite things about Larry is there were no boundaries. He treated everyone the same. He didn’t see color, he didn’t see race, and he didn’t see poor. He loved people and I think that was the hallmark of his character.”

Larry H. Miller will be missed, but his family promises that his legacy will live on. Larry, who was known as a tireless worker who had knack for the most minute details, also planned for life without him. He has passed on responsibilities for his charities and businesses to his wife and children.

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