Kissing video made on BYU campus goes viral

Kissing video made on BYU campus goes viral

PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 News) - We tracked down the makers of the video and found out there was good reason they shot it at BYU.
PROVO, Utah (ABC 4 News) - To kiss or not to kiss, that is the question.

A video made on the campus of BYU asked it and the results went viral.

The mistletoe kissing prank has over 9 million views on you tube in less than a week.

We tracked down the makers of the video and found out there was good reason they shot it at BYU.

It started innocent enough and turned into an internet sensation.

A group of friends having fun by shooting a video at BYU about mistletoe and kissing and the students we talked to told ABC 4 news they loved it.

BYU students are definitely up for it,” said student Michael Kim.

“I thought it was hilarious,” said another student Chrissy Catlett.

Not everyone was pleased with the mistletoe joke. In the video one unidentified girl was asked if she kisses under the mistletoe where she responded with a vigorous slap to the face.

But despite the so called "slap heard around the world", BYU student Lisa Schloemer thought BYU was the perfect place to shoot the video.

“We like to kiss. We try to get away with what we can and when kissing is our only option we do it hard,” said Lisa Schloemer.

In fact, Schloemer helped ABC 4 news track down the makers of the video. She made a couple of phone calls and we were in with the so called bait of the video Kaitlin Snow and the man with the idea of the video Stuart Edgington.

“It’s the Kevin Bacon thing. You know someone who knows someone,” said Schloemer.

“I was surprised how not awkward it was,” said Kaitlin Snow.

“I was not intending it to go this big. I thought maybe a couple thousand views,” said Stuart Edgington.

“During our interviews we got insight on why they made the video and why they chose to do it at BYU.

“I actually hadn't kissed anyone in a while so I think it was like ok iIl go ahead and do it,” said Snow.

“BYU I felt, was a great place to represent what Utah is,” said Edgington.

The video is the second most watched video on YouTube this week, only behind the new "Man of steel" trailer.

But the mistletoe video's popularity might be because of that one special moment. The slap heard around the world.

“The part I know got the most reaction was the slap,” said Edgington.

The video has a ways to go before it's the most viewed video on you tube of all time. That title goes to "Psy - Gangnam style". It has more than 970 million views.

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