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Steven Powell sentenced to 30 months in jail for voyeurism

TACOMA, Wash. (ABC 4 News) - The father-in-law of Susan Powell was sentenced to 30 months in jail for 12 counts of voyeurism on Friday.
TACOMA, Wash. (ABC 4 News) - The father-in-law of Susan Powell was sentenced to 30 months in jail for 12 counts of voyeurism on Friday.

He was also sentenced to 36 months community service.

Prosecutors had hoped Powell would get 10 years in jail, but the judge ruled that he would serve only about 2 and 1/2 years, with credit for time already served. That means Powell could be released from jail within 9 months.

Judge Ronald Culpepper vacated two of the 14 convictions against Powell after hearing motions from defense attorneys, who argued that some of the instances of voyeurism could not be placed in separate time frames.

Culpepper also rejected prosecutors' request to give Powell a 10-year sentence, calling the idea "excessive."

Culpepper acknowledged the case' high profile before handing down the sentence, referencing the disappearance of Susan Powell.

Culpepper even went so far as to say that Josh Powell, Steve's son, was most likely responsible for her death.

The judge said that Steven Powell should be punished for his own crimes, and nothing connected with the notoriety of the Powell family scandal.

Josh Powell killed himself and his two young sons in February.

Susan Powell has been missing since 2009 from her West Valley City home.

Before handing out the sentence, Culpepper asked Powell if he wished to address the court.

"No, sir," was Powell's response.

The victims' mother was then allowed to address the court, and she chose to speak directly to Powell, chastising him for his crimes.

“I have yet to hear you apologize. You sat there smugly as if it’s perfectly normal to have committed your crime,” she said. “I don’t know how you can stand behind your crimes. I thought maybe that you think humans are more like animals and should do as they wish with no regard to others, but I believe humans should act like humans and that we take responsibility for how we choose to behave.”

The victims' mother went on to say, "“I’m so angry. I’m angry for the hurt you’ve caused my children. They did nothing to you but you’ve stolen their sense of security. You’ve caused them embarrassment and heartache. You didn’t have to see them crushed and cringing as they realized what their disgusting neighbor was doing. Shame on you. Shame on you for not admitting what you did was wrong; for trying to make others believe it never happened.”

The victims' mother concluded by saying, "I didn’t know someone was watching my girls, but someone was watching you, and you better pray he forgives you, because I can’t.”

As the victims' mother spoke, Powell was emotionless, staring straight ahead, not looking at her, even once.

Along with jail and probation, Powell was also ordered to undergo treatment for sexual dysfunction.

Culpepper added, “There is something seriously wrong with Mr. Powell’s view of women in the world.”

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