Defense, state rest in Steve Powell trial

Defense, state rest in Steve Powell trial

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Both the state and defense rested in trial of Steven Powell on Monday.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The jury was sent home for the day in the trial of Steven Powell on Monday.

This came after both the state and the defense ended their cases.  The defense called no witnesses.

Powell is on trial, facing 14-counts of voyeurism in Washington state. 

Jennifer Graves was the final witness for the state.  She is the estranged daughter of Steven Powell.  Her testimony was very quick.  She described who lived in the home during the time the video recordings were made.

Two West Valley police detectives also testified.  Sgt. Todd Gray testified about finding Steven's journal.  He told the jury about one entry that was allegedly written by Powell. 

Gray read that Powell "likes taking video shots of pretty girls in shorts and skirts, beautiful women of every age ...(and) "I sometimes use these images for self stimulation."

Detective Ellis Maxwell testified about finding a Sony digital camera in Powell's master bedroom.  He confirmed the images presented to him in court were those from the video recordings.  The images were those of two young girls bathing in their home.  Maxwell testified that the photos "matched the model number on the camera."

Following Graves' testimony the state rested and the defense did as well.  The defense called no witnesses on behalf of Steven Powell.

The jury was sent home for the day and will will return Tuesday morning for jury instructions and closing arguments.

Both the prosecution and defense will return Monday afternoon for a motion hearing.  The defense will attempt to dismiss some of the voyeurism counts.

Stay tuned for ABC 4 News for further developments.

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