What's in a name for Georgia Dabritz?

What's in a name for Georgia Dabritz?

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Sports) - Utah gymnastics team heading to Georgia, which is confusing for Georgia Dabritz.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Sports) - The 7th ranked University of Utah gymnastics team travels to Georgia to take on the 8th ranked Bulldogs on Saturday, but it's causing some problems for Ute gymnast's Georgia Dabritz. The Utes are concentrating on themselves, and they don't like to talk about their opponents. So no one wants to say the word "Georgia" this week.

"We just call them the Bulldogs or the Dogs, any nickname helps", said Dabritz.

Speaking of nicknames, everyone in the gym has been calling Georgia Dabritz "Peaches", so they won't have to say "Georgia".

Co-head coach Megan Marsden said "I call "our" Georgia "Peaches" because I just can't yell "Go Georgia!" across the gym."

"Everybody in the gym, its "Peaches", no "Georgia" allowed in here", added Dabritz.

Ironically, Dabritz considered going to the University of Georgia, but said "it would have been to weird, to have my name all over everything. It would be cool, I would have shirts with my name on them, but it would have been weird, too."

"She loved her visit to Utah," said Marsden, "I think she was looking for a different part of the country and the mountains, and she just fell in love with it here."

So go Georgia? "Go Peaches", says Marsden.
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