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Warren Jeffs documents "rape bed" requests in private diary

ELDORADO, TX (ABC 4 News) - ABC 4 News has learned more about the perverted past of jailed FLDS leader Warren Jeffs.

ELDORADO, TX (ABC 4 News) - ABC 4 News has learned more about the perverted past of jailed FLDS leader Warren Jeffs.

Pictures from a 2008 raid show the white custom bed that Jeffs requested. It's the very one that was placed in the temple where he raped girls. Now, more excerpts of Jeffs' diary explains the specific requests Jeffs made for the bed. Requests so detailed they include comfort for his height, sound prevention and disguise methods.

The bed was first discovered four years ago during a raid on Jeffs' FLDS Texas compound. Now, while the state of Texas is in court battling for control over $100 million dollar FLDS assets, more details from Jeffs diary, or what he calls his "Priesthood Records" have been read in court by Texas prosecutors.

One excerpt written by Jeffs in reference to the bed read Wednesday stated "When I need it, I will pull it out and set it up. The bed will be a size big enough for me to lay on. ... It will be covered with a sheet, but it will have a plastic cover to protect the mattress from what will happen on it," Jeffs wrote.

Parts of the diary first surfaced earlier this year, along with audio tapes of Jeffs with young girls in the temple room. They were taken advantage of on that very bed 

"Some of you don't even know how to be a wife yet. You need that training. Others have learned to have sexual inter-relations. To be touched," said Jeffs in one recording.

Wednesday, prosecutors continued to read from the diary. They read aloud, "It should be made so the table top can come off. It will be on wheels. When the mattress is in place, this bench will be to the right side the bed. This will be made so that it can be taken apart and stored in a closet where no one can see it."

It was a filthy disguise used to coerce young girl and girl to marry him and surrender their innocence.

Texas has spent nearly $5 million prosecuting the FLDS in hopes of seizing the compound.
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