Utah to Feds: Keep your laws off our guns!

Utah to Feds: Keep your laws off our guns!

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - A Montana-style "Firearms Freedom Act" will soon go before the Utah Legislature.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - If they are Utah guns, they will be be subject to Utah laws.

That's what one Utah lawmaker is now telling Washington.

ABC 4 News has learned a bill has now been drafted which gives Utah and not the U.S. Government control of certain guns.

The bill's sponsor refers to her bill as "The Firearms Freedom Act."

But while it deals with guns, it sets its sights on a bigger target: making sure the U.S. Government doesn't meddle too much in Utah's affairs.

According to Senator Margaret Dayton, the Firearms Freedom Act:

"...allows that guns and ammunition made in the state of Utah and sold in the state of Utah are not subject to federal regulations."

Similar firearms bills, starting in Montana, have already been passed by other states.

These bills, reportedly, can exempt states from requirements like registration and background checks.

While Dayton says her bill would impact three Utah weapons makers, this Orem state senator admits this bill isn't just about guns, it's also
about states rights.

"This is just one of several issues that will be coming before the Utah legislature that reasserts our state sovereignty and tries to get back to the original intent of the Constitution."

In addition to the Dayton's bill, ABC 4 found three other resolutions also dealing with state's sovereignty.

While some critics worry that exempting local guns from federal statutes might lead to more violence, Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck also has other concerns.

She fears that if this bill passes, Utah might end up in a costly lawsuit to defend it.

Besides, she says, "There are other issues which are of priority to our state and we need to be focused on those issues at this time."

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