Shots Fired at West Valley Police Department

Shots Fired at West Valley Police Department

West Valley City, Utah (ABC 4 News)- ABC 4 is following breaking news at this time. We have confirmed that there were shots fired in the lobby of the West Valley City Police Department..
WEST VALLEY CITY Utah (ABC 4 News)- A man with past suicidal tendencies was shot by West Valley police early Monday morning.

Sgt. Jason Hauer tells ABC 4 that James Ramseny Kammeyer was shot by a police officer shortly after the main lobby opened.

Kammeyer entered the police station where the public contact police department for officers or information.

According to Hauer he asked for a police officer to come out from behind the glass. But the officer refused.

"The officer thought his behavior was suspicious asked him to remove his hands from his pockets," says Hauer.

Police say Kammeyer wouldn't comply.

"At one point in time the subject turned his back and pulled his hand gun from his pants, says Hauer. "He turned and pointed the weapon at the officer and the record clerk."

About that time several other officers came to the police lobby to witness the commotion. Hauer says another officer drew his weapon at Kammeyer.

"The officer involved thought the threat was such that he needed to take action and shots were fired," he says.

Police were the only ones inside the lobby but the shooting got the attention of several who were about to board the Traxx train which borders the south side of the police entrance.

"I seen a police officer approach the window with his gun drawn and that saw six shots fired coming from the inside of the building," says James Tabler.

Another woman at the train station says everyone scrambled for cover when the shooting started.

"There were bullets flying everywhere," says Bonnie Barkhimer. "People were covering and ducking everywhere."

Kammeyer lives in West Jordan and by mid-day police had secured a search warrant and were seen inside and out the home. At one point, police secured a vehicle and towed it from home. Earlier police said Kammeyer arrived at the police station in a motorcycle and parked it nearby.

Family members at Kammeyer's home would not respond to questions. But say he is on the sex offender registry.

In the late 80's Kammeyer pleaded guilty to one count of child sex abuse. He served more than 100 days in jail and his prison sentence was suspended. But he was placed on the sex offender registry.

In December, police say they received a call from Kammeyer.

"Our officers responsided on a suicidal call for a man (Kammeyer) who was claiming he wanted to die," says Hauer. "He was cutting on his wrists and told our officers at that point back in December that he wanted to die suicide by cop."

But Hauer says police were able to talk him out of it and dropped the knife he was holding. He was then taken to a local hospital.
"At that point in time he told our officers he wanted to die because he was a registered sex offender and his kids were taking his kids from him," says Hauer. "We don't know if that's his motive now."

Hauer says Kammeyer was shot twice in the right arm. Late Monday he was released from the hospital and taken to jail. He was booked on multiple felony charges including two counts of attempted murder, aggravated assault and carrying a weapon by a restricted person.

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