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Protecting your home from the weather

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – The cold weather is cracking pipes as the water inside expands into ice.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) – The cold weather is cracking pipes as the water inside expands into ice.

Eighteen homeowners are dealing with cracked pipes between the two plumbing companies ABC 4 followed.

It’s never too late to winterize your home. It only takes about 15 minutes and a few simple steps.

“It does get expensive and it’s very simple to prevent,” said Down System Plumbing Owner, Luke Johansen.

He agreed to share a few simple tips to winterize homes.

Walking to the basement he pointed to two valves, “You got your shut off for your house and your shut off for your sprinkler.”

First, know where you water main shut off valve is located. Hundreds of gallons of water could pour into your home if you don’t know where to find this simple small valve.

“On is always with the handle in line with the pipe and when it’s at a T with the pipe is off,” said Johansen.

Johansen says it’s important to protect water pipes from freezing cold air. You can get insulation for pipes. You can buy foot long section of foam tubes for $1 at stores plumbing stores or places like Home Depot.

Moving outside ABC 4 found another potential problem for homeowners.

“With these you definitely want to make sure and unhook your hoses from these,” said Johansen.

Johansen explained that when hoses are left on an outdoor faucet in freezing temperatures the water can build up inside and burst the pipe.

Finally, a tip for anyone taking a trip away during freezing weather is to open your cabinets to allow air to flow past water pipes.

“Usually something like this inside the home that stays warm,” said Johansen.

Call your public utilities department if there is no water in your home and you don’t know why. The problem could be in the street.

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