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Morgan County prepping for more snow

MORGAN COUNTY, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Ready or not, more snowfall is expected to land on Morgan County.
MORGAN, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Ready or not, more snowfall is expected to land on Morgan County.

The Ace Hardware store in town is the go to place during the winter season.

"We're not quite prepared," Manager Cleo Stuart said. "We started yesterday taking all our lawn stuff down so we could put all of our shovels up."

Stuart said people have purchased hand held snow scrapers for their cars.

Cold weather does not help every business though. Steph's in Morgan, known for its ice cream, may see less customers in the winter months.

"We’re like the only place to eat here [in Morgan] so people still have to come to an extent," Jaden Stevens said.

Morgan County is expected to receive three to six inches of snow by Thursday, but people aren't worried.

"I didn’t even know there was snow coming," Chad Carrigan said. "We got our snow shovels ready."

Others said they do not look forward to the snow because they don't like to dig through inches of ice.

"I'm not a fan of snow," Savannah Netherton said. "I'm not ready for inches and inches."

People expected this current winter blast to be short lived.

"Next week it will be melted and we’ll be back mowing the lawn or something," Carrigan added.

Stuart said the hardware store will be stocked with winter equipment by Thursday and business relies on Mother Nature.

"It depends on how much snow we do get that they will come in for their shovels," Stuart added.
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