Man arrested for prostituting teens

Man arrested for prostituting teens

RIVERDALE Utah (ABC 4 News) - The man arrested for prostituting teens may have been living a double life.
RIVERDALE Utah (ABC 4 News) - By day, police claim Aaron Elliot is an electrical engineer making good money with the federal government.

But at night Elliot is accused of using motels in Weber County to prostitute underage girls.

"He's been running an escort service for an extended period of time," says Lt. James Ebert. "We had information from the victims that they've been working for him and they've been involved in prostitution."

According to charging documents a 17-year old girl came to Room 126 at Motel 6 in Riverdale to meet her John.

"Aaron known to her as Dante, drove her to three 'calls' or appointments to meet men."

The probable cause affidavit claimed the teen was told by "Aaron told her to collect $150 from a male. The 17-year old female advised that the male tipped her $50.... (for) a sex act involving her mouth and the mans genitals."

The 16-year old girl told police that she was driven to the Motel 6 in Ogden where "Aaron told her to collect $150 from the man."

The teen claimed that the "man paid her a tip of $100 and asked to have sex with her. (She) refused but disclosed that a sex act involving the mouth of the man and her genitals occurred between her and the man."

A police officer found the two teens loitering near the Motel 6 with Elliot. The officer began asking questions and Lt. Ebert says that's when the officer realized the two minors were prostituting themselves.
Friday night, a sting operation at the Motel 6 in Ogden was used to nab another escort. That's when police were able to pinpoint Elliot as the man allegedly behind the prostitution operation.

According to the affidavit that the escorts claimed "Aaron ... required her to have sex with him before he would hire her so that he knew that his customers were going to have a good time."

Saturday, Elliot was arrested but bailed out of the Weber County jail.

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