Halloween brings economic boost

Halloween brings economic boost

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Americans will spend an estimated $6 billion dollars on Halloween this year.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - Halloween is easily the most creative holiday, and people go all out with costumes, decorations, and candy. Anyone or anything can be dressed up as whatever you want, like Theodore the pot bellied pig here.

Cassidy Smith said about her pig, "I'd like to dress him up in a hot dog costume because I think it's funny."

You would never know the poor state of the national economy based on Halloween sales.

Jim Torres from Halloween City said, "We've had some huge sales, monster sales this year."

People were flocking to Halloween City in Salt Lake, looking for costumes and decorations.

The average American will $72 this Halloween. the majority of money spent is on costumes. Americans will spend more than $2 billion dressing up. Nearly $2 billion will be spent on candy alone. And those scary decorations will run americans a mere $1.5 billion. But what you might find unbelievable is the amount of money and effort people put forth into their pets.

Whitney Carter said, "I like it for my own entertainment, the dogs hate it, but it makes me laugh."

$300 million dollars a year is also spent pet costumes.

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