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FBI raids Utah mortgage modification businesses

MIDVALE, Utah (ABC 4 News) - The FBI and other federal agencies raided three offices associated with the CC Brown Law Office on Tuesday.
MIDVALE, Utah (ABC 4 News) - The FBI and other federal agencies raided three offices associated with the CC Brown Law Office on Tuesday.

Federal law enforcement agents executed search warrants at three locations associated with the CC Brown operation in Midvale and West Valley City.

Federal officials say the business has also operated under other names, including “Sentry Legal,” “WT Lee,” and “JL Martin.”

No criminal charges have been filed in connection with the investigation, according to the Salt Lake City FBI office.

ABC 4 has also learned that the Utah Better Business Bureau has given CC Brown an F rating, and that there were 55 unresolved complaints from consumers.

Utah BBB spokesperson Jane Driggs told ABC 4 that federal investigators have requested all complaint files be handed over, and that the BBB has cooperated with them.

The FBI said that anyone who who has been working with the business on a mortgage modification and would like information, can contact a toll free number established by the FBI at 1-877-236-8947 (press option 2).

The FBI said that the toll-free number will be activated Tuesday evening, and that a recorded message will advise individuals on how to submit contact information and copies of any documents to the FBI.

Individuals can also submit information about the company’s business practices to the FBI by e-mail at saltlakecity@ic.fbi.gov.

A web page to provide an online resource for CC Brown customers was also planned.

UPDATE (6/13/12):

In a statement released to ABC 4 News. a spokesman for Sentry Legal said:

"In the course of their investigation they released a statement to the general public saying that the Law Offices of C. C. Brown also operates under the name “Sentry Legal.”

At this point it is the intention of Sentry Legal to clarify this statement. While Sentry Legal is contracted to provide legal support services to the Law Offices of C. C. Brown, we are not, nor have we ever been, a subsidiary, principal or operated under the name of C.C. Brown.

Sentry Legal is a separate company from the Law Offices of C. C. Brown. Sentry Legal has not been “raided” by the FBI, in fact, upon hearing of the C.C. Brown news, Sentry Legal has contacted the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office to cooperate as needed."

When contacted by ABC 4 to verify Sentry's claims, neither the FBI not the U.S. Attorney's office would comment, saying that Sentry Legal's involvement was part of an ongoing investigation.

----Information from: The FBI.

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