Dr. accused in wife's murder in court

Dr. accused in wife's murder in court

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - A doctor made his first court appearance and his son who fought for the charges was also present.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) It was the first time Pelle Von Schwedler Wall witnessed his father in handcuffs.

John Brinkman Wall made his first court appearance after being charged with the 2011 murder of his wife Uta Von Schwedler.

“I just once again want to express my gratitude and relief this day that this day has finally come,” Von Schwedler-Wall read from a prepared statement.

In 2011, Uta Von Schwedler was found dead at her home. She died of a drug overdose. At first it was thought to be a suicide. But the 19-year old suspected her father who was recently divorced had a hand in the murder. He left home and embarked on a year long journey to get his siblings removed from the home of his father. The courts did not allow that to happen.

“He is concerned from the outset for the safety of his siblings and he's a teen-ager and his mother's dead,” says his attorney Rebecca Hyde-Skordas.

Wall who is a pediatrician in Salt Lake City appeared in court with his attorney Fred Metos who says there’s no motive on the part of Wall.

“Whatever motive they attached, it doesn’t exist,” says Metos.

He was referring to statements in the probable cause statement that implied that Wall was angered over a custody hearing that gave Von Schwedler more opportunities to see her children.

Metos also refuted claims that Wall told friends his ex-wife was causing him problems and that she should disappear.

“Some of those were made as much as a year or more before the death of Ms. Von Schwedler,” says Metos. “Other statements in that probable cause statement were taken out of context.”

For now the son refused to comment beyond his prepared statement but implied justice was within reach.

“We support them (police and prosecutors) and we look forward to a swift prosecution and ultimately justice for my mother,” Von Schwedler-Wall says.
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