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Apartment fire displaces several North Salt Lake residents

NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - An apartment fire in North Salt lake has displaced 20 people at the the Point Ridge View Apartments on Center Street.
 NORTH SALT LAKE, UTAH (ABC 4 UTAH) - An apartment fire in North Salt lake has displaced 20 people at the the Point Ridge View Apartments. The fire sparked just after 5:30 Tuesday morning at 55 West Center street. Fire crews say nobody was hurt, and the blaze started in a top level apartment and quickly spread to neighboring apartments.

Joshua Coltes was one of those woke up by pounding on the door this morning."I hear you need to evacuate there is a fire,” says Coltes. With little time to grab any belongings he says he had to act fast. “I looked out of my balcony and look over and sure enough the balcony right next door to me right adjacent of my apartment is up in flames. The thing that mostly went through my head is how fast is this going to spread because everything I basically own is in that apartment,” says Coltes.

Now, charred sheet rock and debris is all that remain for one unit. South Davis firefighters say the fire started from the outside but they do not know the exact cause.“We had quite a bit of fire heavy fire coming out and with both units affected we just couldn't get inside that was the difficult part so once the ladders were up and active the fire went out really quick” says Chief Jeff Bassett from the South Davis Metro Fire Agency. They tell ABC 4 UTah had it not been for the quick call from an on duty Davis County Sheriff deputy who saw the flames coming from the roof, the outcome could have been a lot worse. “They do an out standing job as there out running around in the community doing enforcement he was able to see that fire and actively respond to it so excellent job today,” says Chief Bassett.

Meanwhile grateful to still have his apartment and belongings Coltes can't help but have concern for his neighbors. “They lost everything so i feel bad for them,” says Coltes.

Red Cross has been called in to assist those affected by the fire.


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