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Alpine on clean-up duty after heavy storms

ALPINE, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Residents in Alpine are at it again, cleaning up after a weekend of heavy rainfall.
ALPINE, Utah - Residents in Alpine are at it again, cleaning up after a weekend of heavy rainfall.

Sunday 1,000 people volunteered helping clean up. Now, more preparation is underway for the next storm.
Monday city crews got an early start picking up debris along the basins and dumping it into heavy loading trucks after the weekend’s massive storm. The flood is the fourth one since last years Quail fire.

Maureene Barnette is among many residents left cleaning up the aftermath. "We had 50 foot or even more are down here that was a roaring river. it was fun to watch but treacherous actually," said Barnette.

Barnette said, had it not been for the wall her husband built just three days before the storm they would be dealing with a much larger mess.

"The water and debris would have got through our garage door an gone down into the basement," said Barnette.

With city crews consisting of only 10 people the community of Alpine came together Sunday sand bagging, cleaning up, and preparing for the next storm.

Lone Peak Battalion Chief, Joseph McRae said "The city is doing everything they can, but with the tremendous amount of water that came out of the canyon we can only do so much to direct it and slow it down.”

Alpine City Engineer Shane Sorensen said “We got another grant from the NRCS we should be signing that contract today and we will be doing some improvements to try and make things better.”

Meanwhile, with no way of knowing what mother nature intends residents are preparing for the worst. "We have to be prepared it’s not the last time it’s going to happen" said Barnette.

With more rain in the forecast for this week, the city is encouraging Alpine residents to pick up sandbags to further protect their homes.
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