ABC4 transforms into Good 4 Utah

ABC4 transforms into Good 4 Utah

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - You may have noticed, things are changing at ABC4 News. As a station we're working on improving how we deliver your favorite news, entertainment and sports programming. While you will notice it visually, it is more than that.

This is a change of thought here at ABC4, moving us into the future and holding onto our history.

Richard Doutre' Jones, the General Manager of ABC4 said, "We are interested in doing anything that is good or meaningful for Utah."

That change not only takes us into the future but reconnects us with our past.

65 years ago we first went on the air the very first television station in Utah. The station station has been there for the events that have changed the modern history of this state. And now we return our focus to that state and what is Good 4 Utah.

Doutre' Jones said, "We are for you, if you live in Utah. We are committed because we love this state and we want to do what is best for it."

You will see this promise in everything we do. We have spent hours over the past week under going a transformation that in itself captures the essence of Utah.

Doutre' Jones said, "The greys and purples represent the mountains that we have all over the central and northern part of the state. Orange red is what is reflective in what is happening in the southern part of our state."

And with the change comes a promise to our viewers, a promise the entire station has committed to keep: we are 100% committed to Utah.

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