A Midvale man's weight loss journey

A Midvale man's weight loss journey

MIDVALE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - A Midvale man is on a mission to beat obesity and get back his life.
MIDVALE, Utah (ABC4 Utah) - A Midvale man is on a mission to beat obesity and get back his life.

Nick Braaten has always been overweight, but a sudden realization in 2012 forced him to make a change. "I found out I was 535 pounds," he said.

Soon after, Braaten was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. So to save his life, he started a workout regimen and lost close to one hundred pounds.

"It felt really good," he said. "Then, I felt really bad because I realized I wasn't doing as much as I knew I could."

So Braaten vowed to dig deeper in the gym while reaching out to an unlikely source for help.

While watching ABC's Shark Tank, Braaten saw Ryan "Cowboy" Ehmann, a Montana man, rodeo star, and personal trainer on the show to win investors for his patented fitness program. He was successful, getting 120 thousand dollars from one of the show's investors to expand his brand.  At the same time, he gained a fan in Braaten who immediately sent him an email for advice.  The response was immediate.

Braaten said, "Ryan emailed me that night and said what's going on?  What can I do for you?"

Now Braatman and Ehmann are working together. In fact, in just a couple of weeks Braaten will join the Ehmann in Montana for a week of workouts, nutritional guidance, and more.

"It's about fixing up here and making sure I'm making the right choices," Braaten said.

For that reason, he is hitting the gym for 30 minutes every day. However, for Braaten it's not about a number on the scale, but about the little things that bring him closer to meeting his goals.

"I would love to slam dunk the basketball," he said.  "That's something I've never done."

Over the next few months ABC4 Utah will follow Braaten's weight loss journey.  To see how he's doing click here.  For more on how you can start a journey of your own using Ehmann's system as seen on Shark Tank click here.

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