Experts warn of shady discount website

Experts warn of shady discount website

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The Better Business Bureau sent out a warning for consumers about
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - The Better Business Bureau sent out a warning for consumers about

You pay to get a something you want but it never comes. It's happening to Utah residents with the website, but how can you stop from becoming a victim yourself?

In our "ABC 4 News Investigates" report, we find out.

Elise Bravo is looking for a good deal. “Let’s see if there's anything,” she mumbles while looking at daily deal websites.

Then, with just a click of the mouse she can buy.

That's all it took for Elsie Bravo to lose her money on a website called

“I spent $30 to get $50 at Cabellas, awesome deal,” said Elsie.

The problem? The gift cards never came and Elsie was out her 30 bucks.

“Something’s got to be wrong,” said Elsie.

The website looks like many others. It offers deals on gift cards and other items at a discounted price.

“There's just certain companies obviously that you cant trust,” said Elsie about

The company is based in Dallas, Texas and the Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to stay away form

The BBB sent ABC 4 a statement, saying:

“Nearly 1500 complaints are filed with the BBB on about non-delivery of gift cards, problems with products and difficulties getting in touch with the business."

These complaints resulted in a "F" rating, but the website is still running.

“I don't know how they're still running, I don't know why or how someone hasn't gone in there and shut them down,” said Elsie.

ABC 4 tried to contact but we got the same result as Elsie. Their voice mail said it was full.

Elsie told ABC 4 she even tried to e-mail the company with no response and she never got her gift cards.

“Once bitten you’re never going to go back to this website again?” asked ABC 4’s Brent Hunsaker.

“No, Never,” answered Elise.

She told Brent Hunsaker she's not going to be a victim again.

Next time she'll do more investigating before buying discounted gift cards online.

“That's definitely something I will be doing in the future,” said Elsie.

There is a little good news. Elsie did pay with a credit card and got reimbursed by her bank.

That's one tip the Better Business Bureau gave ABC 4 News to stop from getting ripped off.

To see the other tips from the BBB to help you avoid any problems while online, click here.

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