Woman in custody escapes from hospital

Woman in custody escapes from hospital

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah ) - Cherry Rupp wanted the works at a beauty salon but when it came to pay, an employee caught on.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) - Cherry Rupp's troubles started at a beauty salon last week.

That’s when employees say she came in ordered the works.

“This woman came in and said she wanted her hair down,” says Thida Tran who works at the H2O salon at the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City.

She also wanted a set of acrylic nails and a pedicure.

Rupp asked for more than $200 of work at the beauty salon.

"And she goes ‘I'd like to you to charge this card’ and she gave me a credit card number with an expiration date,” says Tran.

There's no card to swipe just a number that Rupp offered to the salon. Tran thought it was odd and asked for her ID.

“So she showed me the ID and the ID shows a birth date of 1989 and she looked like she was almost fifty,” says Tran. “That's when it triggered it.”

Rupp was taken to the back for more information. Meanwhile Tran called security.

“As soon as security got there she went out and gave her friend the purse and said ‘here take the purse and I told (security) you need to go get that purse that's where she has the fake ID,’” says Tran.

Salt Lake police arrested Rupp and took her to jail. But Rupp claimed to be sick.

“Before she went to jail she was having some medical issues,” says Veronica Montoya with Salt Lake City police. “So they took her to the hospital.”

And once at the hospital Rupp saw an opportunity for freedom. She took off. Police say the officer was filling out forms when she escaped.

“He was just outside of the hospital door getting her release papers when she took off," says Montoya.

And Rupp is still on the run. Police have yet to locate her and hope someone will contact police with her whereabouts.

Meanwhile, the sequence of events frustrated Tran whose keen sense of alertness is all for naught.

“You know sometimes it just disappoints me on how they handle those things,” says Tran.

A check of Rupp’s criminal history shows that she has been given many second chances with the law. In many instances her prison or jail sentence was suspended. But court records show Rupp refused to follow conditions of probation and spent time in jail for breaking those conditions set by the judge.
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