Woman fighting extradition to Mexico

Woman fighting extradition to Mexico

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah ) - A woman doesn't want to return to Mexico with her kids. She is fighting an extradition order filed by her ex-husband.
SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – A single mother is fighting extradition to Mexico.

And she’s also fighting to keep her kids from returning there as well.

Waiting for Brooke Robinson is her ex-husband, a Mexican native. He has a court order to extradite his former family.

“We believe she had every right to bring the kids to the United States,” says her attorney Clayton Simms. “They are U.S. citizens. How can you prevent a U.S. citizen from living in the United States?”

Robinson brought her children to Utah after the divorce. She left because of the alleged abuse of her husband.

“We were abused emotionally and physically,” says Robinson.

She documented the abuse with pictures of her two boys. There were bruises on their faces and scars from injuries. She claims they were made by her ex-husband and his family.

“We got death threats saying he would kill us and keep abusing the kids,” she says.

Robinson filed for divorce in Mexico and got custody of the two boys. She even went on Mexico television to bring awareness to domestic violence. She claims those appearances on Mexico television infuriated her ex-husband.

“He was yelling out of window, kicking my car, he was being so angry,” she says after a confrontation with her ex-husband.

She moved to Utah. They have dual citizenship and she says the children are much happier here.

“My goal is to protect them,” she says. “That's my only priority and to make them happy.”

But earlier this month her ex-husband filed papers in a Mexico court demanding extradition.

Her attorney is challenging the order in Utah’s federal court.

Robinson is not sure how the U.S. courts will rule. But she believes if she's forced to return to Mexico it could be fatal.

“If I go back to Mexico I am sure he's going to kill myself," she says. “And then he will gain custody of my two boys and end up killing them too.”

Attempts to learn more of the ex-husband’s claims are not available. The Utah federal judge has sealed all documents.
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