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Woman can't remember coming to the hospital

WEST JORDAN Utah (ABC 4 News) - A woman was dumped off at a hospital and when she came to couldn't remember what happened to her.
WEST JORDAN Utah (ABC 4 News) –A mysterious drop off at a hospital has police searching for answers.

Police say a 35-year old woman was left at the hospital by a man who left without leaving a name.

The woman may have suffered a drug overdose. But whether it was her doing or caused by someone else is unknown.

When the woman came to, police say she didn’t remember much.

“She doesn't remember anything prior to waking up at a hospital,” says Craig Carroll of the West Jordan police department.

Police say a man driving a black pickup truck dropped her off at the hospital this morning.

Before leaving he told hospital staff that he found her lying in a snow bank.

But the driver left without leaving a name.

Police aren't sure if the woman was sexually molested.

"She was somewhere she says at a party at a residence in Hunter somewhere out in West Valley,” says Carroll.

The case nearly resembles what happened to another woman who lost her memory

Surveillance video at a South Salt Lake convenience store captured a man taking her out of her car and putting her in his.

She was later found in the snow near a south salt lake church.

But police say she didn't remember what happened.

“She doesn't remember anything prior to waking up at a hospital,” says Gary Keller of South Salt Lake Police.

South Salt Lake police are still seeking information about their suspect.

As for West Jordan’s case, police plan on looking at medical reports to see if she was sexually molested and viewing surveillance to learn more about the driver.
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