WVC Cop involved in Danielle Willard shooting fired

WVC Cop involved in Danielle Willard shooting fired

WEST VALLEY (ABC 4 Utah) - One of the officers involved in the Danielle Willard shooting has been fired from his job.
WEST VALLEY (ABC 4 Utah) -  City officials announced that one of the two officers involved in the "unjustified" shooting death of Danielle Willard has been fired.  Detective Shaun Cowley was fired today according to a press release issued by West Valley.
Here is their announcement:

West Valley City Neighborhood Narcotics Unit Detectives Disciplined, Reinstated

Final resolution of the West Valley City Police Department's Neighborhood Narcotics Unit (NNU) investigation is one step closer today with the announcement of discipline and reinstatement of three more officers and termination of one.

Officers Smith, Frausto, Lund and McCarthy have returned to full duty with letters of counseling or reprimand for their involvement in the actions leading to accusations of Department policy violations.

Last week, more significant disciplinary actions were issued to Lieutenant Coyle, Sergeant Johnson, and Officer Franco.  Each of these officers have returned to duty. Officer Franco and Sergeant Johnson have returned to duty with 40 and 80 hour suspensions, respectively; Lieutenant Coyle has appealed his disciplinary action, details of which will not be available until the appeal process is complete. Additionally, it has been determined that Officer Cowley has committed terminable offenses; his employment with West Valley City has been terminated as of today.

“I have been briefed on the investigation into the Police Department’s Neighborhood Narcotics Unit and the nine officers who have been on leave,” says West Valley City Police Chief Lee Russo. “I fully support the actions that have been taken and stand behind the decisions of my command staff and of the City Manager.”

Officer Salmon remains on paid administrative leave at this time.

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