UPDATE: Victims in triple murder identified

UPDATE: Victims in triple murder identified

MIDVALE Utah (ABC 4 News) - The victims in Tuesday's triple killing have officially identified by police.

UPDATE: The other two victims have been identified as Shontay N. Young, 34 years old, and Danielle B. Lucero, 26 years old. 

MIDVALE Utah (ABC 4 News) - One of three victims in a triple murder was identified by police.

And it was three in the morning when the Jarman family of Bountiful heard from police.

"This was a phone call that all of us were expecting to hear at some point," says Steven Jarman.

The message was that his brother Omar Jarman was dead.

"Just because of the type of people he had been harnging out with," says Jarman. "And the things we knew he was involved with."

Jarman was aware of Tuesday's triple murder in Midvale. Police say three people were shot early in the morning and two suspects fled. One of the suspects was identified as David Fresques.

"After that initial shock obviously there’s a lot of sadness," says Jarman. "Now we have to tell his oldest son."

Omar Jarmas was adopted at ten years old. But within five years, his brother says trouble followed him wherever he went. He been arrested for selling drugs , domestic violence and failing to pay child support

"People like that do need help and do need support," says his brother.

But his brother says Omar kept returning to the drug scene and surrounding himself with questionable people. The family tried getting him help but his brother says it didn't work.
And despite his troubled past, the family wants to remember Omar's good side.

"But underneath all that he was an amazing person," says his brother. "He was nice. He was a good father to his son when he was there."

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